Last Night at The Pleasure Palace

from by New Science Projects



Oh, it’s true, you’re right
there’s no point in carrying on
the worst is yet to come
we’re not fooling anyone

and, after years of lies
that only delude myself,
oh, honestly, nothing helps
--- not that you ever tried to

in the years of living in cheap rented rooms
with me moaning from under you,
oh, I never felt I could turn to you

and, after months of whispers in telephone booths,
I discovered the terrible truth.
oh, I never should have trusted you

and, here, when it’s finally falling apart
I see you for who you are

oh, but did it mean anything? At any time?
well, I felt for you.
and I swear, when you touched me, I thought it was real!
oh, I believed it was real
what a fool I’ve been

and, after a few years with you,
will she look as good as I do?

well, if you change your mind,
you know where to reach me

I’ll be waiting


from Split with Star Commander, released June 27, 2012




New Science Projects Denton

Denton Blooz-Punk

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