Daddy, please,
I know I’ve done you wrong
but you already know
I could be the man you want to see
if you would let me show
that I’m the man that I hate
and the man that I fear
I’m the man that you reared

Daddy, please,
I know you want me bent
ass over bed--- now!
and you wet the belt
as leather presses into waiting flesh…
am I just so bad
that it’s come to that?
did I make you mad?
could I ever take it back?

kiss me, daddy, on the mouth,
and I swear, I swear,
I won’t let you live it down
I can’t, I can’t

don’t you want to see me now?


from Split with Star Commander, released June 27, 2012




New Science Projects Denton

Denton Blooz-Punk

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